THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION is a new series of knives from Kernunos.

Featuring a simpler, more ascetic design, this range of 'Sgianags' or everyday wee knives is nonetheless still entirely handmade - and in no way skimps on the quality of the materials used.

This collection will suit those looking for an unfussy, practical knife which will offer all the essentials of a good knife, while still beautiful - just in a more understated way than a dress sgian dubh...

A well-made and reliable tool that will accompany you every day like the knives carried by the Highland Gaels of centuries past.



Blade : Handforged damascus blade (Hardened and Tempered)
Handle : Gorse wood (from the Black Isle)
Leather Sheath

Box and certificate of authenticity

Originally, a sgian dubh was used for preparing and cutting fruit, meat, bread and cheese; as well as an essential tool for more general day-to-day uses such as cutting materials, hunting and protection. This accessory was therefore an indispensable and constant companion, and has now evolved to its place as a symbolic element in ceremonial Highland dress.

Copie de The Essential Collection Kernunos Sgian Dubh "Gorse"