Unique Handforged Sgian Dubh "The Pirate"
In memory of William Kidd, the most popular of Scottish pirates.

Handle : Palmwood, Ebony
Handforged carbon blade (coil spring upcycling)
Custom handmade Leather Sheath


Originally, a sgian dubh was used for preparing and cutting fruit, meat, bread and cheese; as well as an essential tool for more general day-to-day uses such as cutting materials, hunting and protection. This accessory was therefore an indispensable and constant companion, and has now evolved to its place as a symbolic element in ceremonial Highland dress.


Deep from the Heart of the Highlands, from just below Knockan Crag in Northwest Sutherland,
Kernunos creates unique, handmade Sgian-Dubh blades. These specialist , single-edged traditional knives combine the finest precepts of French knife-making with centuries of Highland craftsmanship.

My name is Gabriel Moyne, artist and knife maker, and I will work with you to create an entirely
individual, handmade knife from the very finest materials. Choose from a wide range of superior
woods such as the traditionally favoured Bog Oak to the precious Snakewood or other fine-grained
Burl woods.These one-of-a-kind pieces, whilst pieces of (exquisite) beauty in their own right, are
above all knives made to be used. This is why the greatest care is taken with every aspect of their
creation, from their birth in the forge to the custom file work patterning and the final ‘K’ stamp on
each of my blades. This all goes to ensure that you will have a truly unique, lovingly hand-crafted,
traditional Scottish Highland blade, reliably sharp and usable.

Unique handforged Sgian Dubh "The Pirate" / carbon steel / Palmwood / Ebony