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Deep from the Heart of the Highlands, in the Knockan Cragg area, Kernunos creates unique,
handmade Sgian-Dubh blades. These specialist, single edged traditional knives combine the finest traditions of French knife making with centuries of Highland craftsmanship.
My name is Gabriel Moyne, artist and knife maker, and I will work with you to create an entirely
individual, handmade knife from the finest materials. 
Choose from a wide range of superior woods such as the traditionally favoured Bog Oak to the precious Snakewood or other fine grain Burl woods.
These individual pieces, whilst beautiful in every aspect, are above all a knife made to be used. This is why the greatest care is taken in every aspect of their creation, from its birth in the forge to the custom file work pattern and the recognisable ‘K’ mark on each of my blades. This ensures that you have a truly unique, carefully hand crafted, traditional Scottish Highland blade, already sharp and usable.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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